Fatema Khatun: The story of a woman freedom fighter

Fatema Khatun from Tangail has worked with the freedom fighters at the risk of her life to liberate the motherland. But she did not get the opportunity to study due to poverty. And today this heroic w..

File photo: Fatema Khatun, a rebellious woman freedom fighter of the 1971 liberation war

"The freedom fighters started building their stronghold with the help of this hill." I was very brave then I was not afraid of anything Then the freedom fighters said, we need a brave girl like you Who has to stay at the Muktijoddha base, cook and carry information and correspondence. I used to cut my hair like boys then Because of my nose and ears, I felt like a boy As a result, I easily got the opportunity to work with the freedom fighters He used to send me from Beheratail camp to various camps including Kokila Pabar, Gohail Bari, Ratanganj and Maricha in Sakhipur. Besides, I used to guard and take care of weapons in the camps of the Baheratail freedom fighters Besides, I used to collect food items from the villages for the freedom fighters I used to go home with my aunts and uncles and take pepper, turmeric and other spices. ” Fatema Khatun, a heroic freedom fighter from Sakhipur, was talking about how she joined the war for the country when the war of liberation started in 1971.

Fatema, daughter of Siraj Uddin and Lal Jan of Baheratail village in Sakhipur upazila of Tangail, was working at Baheratail, the main base of Kaderia Bahini in 1971. When he wanted to go to war with the freedom fighters, the freedom fighters did not take him to the war as he was too young. Instead, he was assigned to guard the base and do other work, said Fatema.

One day, Fatema Khatun told about how she used her intellect to trap some Razakars. In his words, "One day, some Razakars were carrying rifles in four folds and hiding them in cloth." And I was going to rust At this time they ask me, are you a boy or a girl? I say, boy 6 Then they say, you look like a girl So where do you go? I then said, I will go to my sister's house Then they asked me, is there any base of Mukti Bahini in Baheratail? I say, no, they have no base here Go straight They follow the path shown by me Going forward, it fell into the hands of the freedom fighters The freedom fighters grabbed them and killed them. "

Fatema Khatun, the only female freedom fighter in Sakhipur, has been a sweeper in Sakhipur municipality for 13 years. Fatema Khatun did not get the opportunity to study due to poverty Besides, no one knew about Fatima's important contribution in the liberation war till 2008 However, after the daily Prothom Alo published the story of Fatema Khatun's heroism in 2008, the local administration assured her of her support. The government has still given him some assistance But that is not enough for a helpless woman like her, Fatema told Deutsche Welle. He also received some government support as local journalists told stories of his heroism and helplessness. That is why Fatema Khatun expressed her gratitude to the journalists.

For almost two years, the heroic woman received a monthly allowance of Tk 2,000 and a salary of Tk 2,000 for working as a sweeper in the master role in Sakhipur municipality. Fatema, who is in need, is currently suffering from various diseases He is not able to get treatment due to lack of money. And because he is not able to work in the municipality due to illness, he does not get the salary of the municipality. As a result, he is somehow spending the day with a broken body and a broken mind.

Mother of five daughter freedom fighter Fatima's husband Mubarak Hossain is a mental patient. So the family is running on Fatima's earnings. This helpless freedom fighter is now living a life of starvation with his family.

Fatema Khatun said that her husband Mubarak Hossain is mentally handicapped. She could not educate her children due to lack of money. Fatema added, "I don't get energy in my body." Pain all over the body and head The head and the whole body have been wounded I can't get good treatment due to lack of money. "

Fatema Khatun from Tangail has worked with the freedom fighters at the risk of her life to liberate the motherland. But she did not get the opportunity to study due to poverty. And today this heroic woman working as a sweeper in the local municipality is suffering from disease.

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